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The HealthyVerify Process

HealthyVerify works with your business to help implement disease-reducing procedures and achieve certification through four core services.

1. Development of Policies and Procedures

We start by reviewing any and all plans and policies you have then work with you to create a comprehensive plan that consists of policies and procedures with an emphasis on reducing the risk of spread of disease while minimizing disruption to your operations. That plan will be your guidebook for all aspects of dealing with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Each plan is customized to your unique needs but will include:

  • Health screening
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Testing
  • Which chemicals to use and not use
  • Distancing protocols
  • Reducing touch points
  • Air flow improvements
  • Signage
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Incident response
  • Occupancy
  • Quarantine and Seclusion

We can provide training and assistance for you and your employees to implement, execute, and maintain the procedures for your business. HealthyVerify is developing employee training for businesses in collaboration with the most innovative university in the country, Arizona State University.



Once you have received your custom policies and procedures, we are available to assist with any questions regarding implementation. After implementation of the policies and procedures, we conduct an inspection and, if all criteria are met, your organization receives certification. Once you have been certified, we help you get the word out to the world that you have gone above and beyond to implement rigorous procedures to keep your organization safe.


The value of HealthyVerify Certification does not stop at certification. We are constantly monitoring the evolving science, guidelines, and recommendations to provide you with regular updates to make sure your plan consists of the best practices. As long as you maintain certification, we will do the work of knowing what to do and how to do it with regards to COVID-19 and reducing the spread of disease within your organization. COVID-19 today or Flu tomorrow, we will be there for you.



In addition to regular updates, we are ready and waiting to answer questions and solve problems that arise. We understand that reduction of infectious disease in the workplace was not on most peoples’ resumes at the beginning of 2020. Your plan will provide a structure of procedures and policies and act as a field guide, but we know you may still have questions. As they come up, whether they are addressed in your plan or not, we are here to get you answers from renowned experts that you can count on. We will work with you to create solutions. We are partners in your certification and response.

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