Performing arts group pivots to HealthyVerify: Q&A with director of Ballet Arizona

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents HealthyVerify Certification.)

By Mike Sunnucks | Rose Law Group Reporter

Ballet Arizona has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and reopening plans. Those include limited capacity for upcoming planned live-performances and social distancing protocols for performances, events, and classes.

HealthyVerify Certification (HVC) has been helping Ballet Arizona and other organizations develop and implement best practices and health safety protocols to help curb the spread of COVID-19. HVC is the country’s only independent medically-based, scientific, and professional certification company in the U.S. helping reduce the risk of COVID-19. HealthyVerify’s other clients include Mountainside Fitness, the Gompers nonprofit helping those with developmental disabilities, the Creo School in Gilbert, the Phoenix Rising FC soccer team, the Windmill Winery wedding, and events venue as well as numerous school districts.

We caught up with Samantha Turner, executive director of Ballet Arizona, to chat about the reopening, the biggest challenges of the coronavirus, and how Scottsdale-based HealthyVerify has helped the performing arts group navigate unchartered waters.

What are your reopening plans and where does all that stand now:

We re-opened in-person training at our ballet school in mid-June but returned to online classes in July as the number of daily cases in the state skyrocketed. Our fall ballet training program started on August 17 online, and in-person classes began on August 31. Limited class sizes, social distancing, mask-wearing, and cleaning/sanitizing protocols are the key to our ability to open safely. Adult open classes also returned to in-person on August 17, with advance registration only.

Our professional company dancers returned for the season on August 17. We plan to present live performances in our black-box theatre for our subscribers and donors in mid-October. We are limiting attendance to 40 patrons in our theatre that seats 299. Our dancers will rehearse with social distancing, with married couples/roommates performing choreography that involves close contact. For patrons who are unable to attend in person, a streaming option will be available.

How has HealthyVerify helped you all navigate COVID and your efforts to reopen:

The team validated health and safety protocols we had developed on our own and was an important resource for areas that needed clarity. We are pleased to have an ongoing resource to help us work through the evolving situation.

What has been the biggest COVID challenge you have faced:

Uncertainty and continual change in guidance is the greatest challenge, as well as the range of viewpoints on how to interpret that guidance. It’s wonderful to have a third-party resource of experts to help us make informed decisions about how to move forward in this environment in a way that provides protection for employees, students, and patrons.

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