Arizona Republic features superintendent and HealthyVerify medical director on safe school reopening

[OP-ED] Safely opening schools can be done

By Ana Moran, Betsy Hargrove | Arizona Republic

Safely restarting in-person education in our schools is one of the most difficult and important tasks we face as we strive to for normalcy in the face of COVID-19.

And an immediate challenge given Gov. Doug Ducey’s order for in-person learning to resume as of March 15.

Avondale Elementary School District will be doing so, as we had for a period in earlier quarters this past year, with the services of a company that helped provide effective mitigation strategies in tracing and quickly isolating any known case to prevent outbreaks.

HealthyVerify played a critical role in helping to ensure that medical science and the art and science of educating children worked together in Avondale elementary schools to create a safe environment for our estimated 5,700 students, as well as our teachers, administrators and support staff.


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