Offerpad fully resumes buying with safety certification

By Patrick Kearns |

Offerpad is set to fully resume the homebuying aspect of its business Friday, after receiving certification on its new safety procedures from HealthyVerify, a health safety organization.

Offerpad, like many other iBuyers, initially suspended the buying aspect of its business over safety concerns as COVID-19 began to spread in the United States. But instead of a one-market test open with a new platform — like Opendoor — the company is set to resume buying in 800 cities across the country May 8, with its new safety procedures in place.

“We are pleased to assist Offerpad in their attention to public health as they continue business in these unusual times,” said Ana Moran, HealthyVerify’s head infectious diseases physician, in a statement. “The procedures, specifically planned for Offerpad’s unique operations, were thoughtfully designed to reduce the risk of viral transmission.”


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