Jewish Family and Children’s Services touts HealthyVerify Certification

By Shannon Levitt | Jewish News AZ

Arizona’s COVID-19 infection rate is among the highest in the United States, and companies large to small are searching for strategies to offer as much safety and peace of mind as they can to their clients. For health care facilities, like those run by Jewish Family & Children’s Service in Greater Phoenix, being at the forefront of safety and health measures is critical.

As the virus mutates and changes along with information about how to best protect against it, JFCS recently aligned with a new company, HealthyVerify, that shares its commitment to safety. At the beginning of July JFCS announced it received the company’s certification.

Jordan Rose, a local Jewish lawyer whose firm was helping guide clients financially through COVID-19, realized after successfully getting Goodwill recognized as an essential service that even if Goodwill’s stores could open, the win was meaningless if people were too afraid to shop. Enabling companies to ensure their clients’ sense of safety became her new goal. She called on Arizona State University’s president, Michael M. Crow and Barrow Neurological Institutes and its infectious disease team to bring medical science to bear on the issue.


Healthy Verify