HealthyVerify Certification Helps Hawaii Theater On Its Reopening

By Mike Sunnucks | Rose Law Group Reporter

HealthyVerify Certification is helping the Manoa Valley Theatre in Honolulu navigate the coronavirus and find ways to safely reopen.

HealthyVerify is the country’s only independent medically based, scientific, and professional certification company in the U.S. helping reduce the risk of COVID-19.

HealthyVerify helps performing arts venues, workplaces, businesses and sports teams abide by COVID-related mandates and go above and beyond U.S. Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

“As we started planning a future reopening in the new normal, we knew we would have to put into place new procedures. We searched for reopening plans from different theatre venues from across the country,” Kip Wilborn, executive director of the 150-seat Manoa Valley Theatre.

“HealthyVerify reviewed our procedures and pointed out the deficiencies for our correction, helping us to provide the safest venue possible,” Wilborn said.

HealthyVerify has worked with other companies and organizations in Hawaii and other states.

Wilborn said he first heard about HealthyVerify from the Hawaii Community Foundation which also works with the company.

“Our first public performance with [an] audience as allowed by state and local regulations will be on December 8. We are taping a live radio show for the Christmas season,” Wilborn said. “I believe we will have 25% of capacity at most in the audience. Between now and September we will produce digital content with limited or no audience in the theatre depending on current regulations.”

HealthyVerify Certification (HVC) has also helped fitness centers, school districts, professional sports teams and restaurants with their efforts to curb COVID-19. HVC works with infectious disease experts from the Barrow Neurological Institute and researchers at Arizona State University.

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