Get back to work?! A special Tuesday edition of Rose Law Group’s New Economy (Virtual) Power Lunch.

How do we make our employees and customers comfortable coming back to work and shop as America slowly reopens for business? Getting back to work while striving to keep employees and customers safe and confident is no doubt poised to be the dominant struggle for businesses for the foreseeable future. Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona has found a way to step up its game, reduce the risk of disease transmission at its stores, and instill confidence in its employees and customers.

Join us Tuesday at noon for a Zoom call to hear from Goodwill President and CEO, Tim O’Neal about how this essential community non-profit has become the first retailer certified for implementing important new procedures to reduce the risk of disease transmission at its stores.  Goodwill’s retail stores support its essential community job training function so shutting down when the community needs it most was not an option.

As a result of its work to create a cleaner and healthier environment, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona—the nation’s largest Goodwill operation—received the very first HealthyVerify Certification for its now-opened retail stores.  HealthyVerify Certification, a new company formed to help get Americans back to work in safer environments, creates business-specific procedures to reduce the risk of disease transmission among employees and customers.

With HealthyVerify’s help, Goodwill was able to work closely with Barrows’ Infection Control Program Director, Dr. Ana Moran to earn its certification.  The Zoom call will feature Goodwill’s Tim O’Neal discussing his non-profit’s important focus on health safety, Dr. Moran from Barrows discussing her key role, and Jordan Rose and Court Rich from HealthyVerify Certification discussing how HealthyVerify Certification is building consumer and employee confidence.  Goodwill has already opened its doors so come hear key insights for those planning what it takes to get back to work.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday.

Register HERE for the Zoom event on Tuesday, April 28th from 12pm to 12:30pm!!

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