City of Goodyear Receives HealthyVerify Certification For Its Summer Recreation Program

News Release: City of Goodyear

Tammy Vo, M.B.A., PMP
Digital Communications Director
City of Goodyear, Arizona

Goodyear is one of a limited number of organizations now certified to reduce the spread of COVID-19

With the official start of summer on the way, the city of Goodyear has been working to get its summer recreation program ready for families. But this summer, it’s even more imperative that there are checks in place to ensure the highest level of health and safety for kids.

Goodyear is the only public entity in Arizona to receive HealthyVerify Certification for the program. This certification is essentially a playbook of protocols meant to reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 between participants. The program is designed to strictly follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and White House reopening guidelines.

“Each summer, Goodyear families eagerly await the start of our dynamic summer recreation programs,” said Mayor Georgia Lord. “This certification should provide some reassurance for parents in knowing that the city is following the highest level of standards to keep kids safe.”

The city has worked with medical experts in infectious disease, as well as researchers, to create and implement standards in the areas of cleaning, safe distancing, equipment, protective gear, hygiene, and overall program coordination. The highest level of training for recreation staff is an important element of this certification to ensure best practices are followed.

For example, lunch times and room setup will be designed to create a safe distance between kids. High-touch games, like dodgeball, will require kids to wear face coverings and wash their hands before and after the game. In addition, an assigned Health Safety Manager will be on hand to quickly identify symptoms of illness among kids and staff, and to make sure safety measures are being followed. Additional organizations involved in the planning and review process include Rose Law Group and the infectious disease control director at the Barrow Neurological Institute.

As COVID-19 recommendations change on local and national levels, program procedures may tighten or relax.

Goodyear’s summer recreation program runs June 15-July 17. Registration is available for Goodyear residents either in person or on-line beginning Monday, June 8 at 8:30am at the Goodyear Ballpark or at:

190 N. Litchfield Rd.

Goodyear, AZ 85338

v 623-882-7053



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