HealthyVerify helps wedding and events venue with reopening effort

(Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents HealthyVerify Certification.)

By Mike Sunnucks | Rose Law Group Reporter

The Windmill Winery wedding and events venue in Florence has been working toward reopening as it traverses COVID-19 and social distancing rules.

HealthyVerify Certification (HVC) has helped the Windmill Winery with its reopening effort. HVC is the country’s only independent medically based, scientific, and professional certification company in the U.S. helping reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Scottsdale-based HealthyVerify helps venues, workplaces, businesses, and others abide by COVID related mandates and go above and beyond U.S. Centers for Disease Control and other public health guidelines related to the pandemic.

Katie Christ, chief operating officer for the Windmill Winery said HealthyVerify is helping the venue build confidence with key constituencies to be able to open.

“In the wedding business we have a wide range of responsibilities to three components: our staff, our vendors and our clients. In this era of uncertainty, we needed something that would give these three components confidence that we will meet their expectations,” Christ said. “HealthyVerify has made it possible for the Windmill to reopen with assurance that we are doing everything possible to give our staff, vendors and clients the healthy environment and protection they deserve.”

HVC has helped the Windmill Winery develop social distancing, cleaning, and attendance policies and protocols to be able to open and abide by COVID-19 related rules at its venue.

Christ said the pandemic postponed many spring weddings and couples have been and are moving those to the fall and winter. She also said wedding and events venues have been challenged by lack of clarity and moving targets from government agencies on how to reopen.

“HealthyVerify has worked with us to customize protection specific to the Windmill Winery venues,” Christ said.

“Partnering with HealthyVerify has given the Windmill Winery the peace of mind we needed to successfully reopen our doors to weddings and events,” she said.

HVC works with infectious disease experts from the Barrow Neurological Institute and researchers at Arizona State University to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

HealthyVerify has also helped national real estate firm Offerpad, the Avondale Elementary School District, Fowler Elementary School District, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, Mountainside Fitness, the City of Goodyear and the spring training facilities for the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians.

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