HealthyVerify Certification: Getting America open again

By RaeAnne March | InBusiness Phoenix

HealthyVerify Certification helps businesses reduce the risk of workplace disease transmission and show the public they are going above and beyond what is expected by providing an independent third-party review and inspection process. The Scottsdale-based company was founded by Jordan Rose and Court Rich in March 2020, as businesses began facing COVID-19 lockdowns.

“The inspiration came from seeing that while some companies were deemed essential or allowed to reopen, there was still a lot of question and uncertainty about whether they were safe to visit, shop and buy from,” says COO Nick Labadie. “Our goal from the beginning was to give the public, employees and organizations a way to see that a medically and scientifically based independent third-party had reviewed and certified that the organization was taking the appropriate steps to reduce the risk of transmission of disease.”

Aiming to get America open and operating again, HealthyVerify provides three core services: Develop health safety standards and programs customized to the client’s business, organization or venue; expert assistance with implementing those new standards, including training employees and managers; and certification that the new cleanliness and sanitary programs and protocols have been implemented, with inspections to ensure the certification protocols continue to be maintained.


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