Bravo! Ballet Arizona turns to HealthyVerify to keep dance alive amid pandemic

HealthyVerify Certification has approved Ballet Arizona‘s business protocols and procedures to reopen safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The partnership was featured on KJZZ News radio:

“Safety remains a top priority for Ballet Arizona and they’ve partnered with HealthyVerify to help in-person performances go smoothly. Marketing Director Leslie Marquez says in-person shows are shorter but still intimate. There’s a lot more protocol around it but once you’re in your seat, the lights go down, and the lights come up on the stage, it’s as if you are at any other performance. You still get the passion of the dancers; you’re getting to hear those pointe shoes on the floor which is really fun. Marquez says having a digital version of the performances could also bring new fans for ballet.” – As reported by KJZZ

Healthy Verify