What type of businesses do you certify?
HealthyVerify is able to develop procedures for any type of business to be HealthyVerify Certified.  HealthyVerify is currently working on a diverse number of projects including retail, municipal offices and parks, event centers, residential real estate, offices, hotels, restaurants and more.

What are the HealthyVerify procedures?
The procedures we develop for a business include the steps the business should take to reduce the chances of diseases spreading.  The procedures include recommendations from numerous sources as well as input from our team in an effort to build a plan that works for your business.  

Who determines the procedures?
HealthyVerify determines the procedures by working with the business and health care professionals.  Ultimately, HealthyVerify decides the final procedures it recommends for implementation.  

What does my business need to do to become certified?
Contact HealthyVerify and let us know of your interest.  We then work with you to gather detailed information about how your business works.  From there, we work with our team to provide you with procedures that work for your business. Once the procedures are finalized and your business has implemented them, HealthyVerify performs an in person or virtual inspection to confirm compliance.  If you need help implementing the procedures, you let us know and we can help with that also.    

How long does it take to become certified?
We understand that businesses need to move quickly to instill confidence in their customers and employees. In as little as 10 days a business could achieve certification although the time may vary depending on the details of your business.   

How long is my certification good for?
The certification can be renewed annually but the business must remain in compliance in order to qualify for renewal and to maintain the certification throughout the year.

How much does it cost to become certified?
The cost is dependent on the specific business and can be impacted by size of company, number of locations, complexities of the operation, and other factors.  

My business has multiple locations, can I use one certification for all of them?
Yes. Assuming there is consistency between the operations in those multiple locations, the certification can be applied to multiple business locations.  Each of those locations will be required to follow the procedures we develop in order to maintain certification. 

Is a HealthyVerify Certification different than my local health code certification?
Yes. HealthyVerify is a way to show your employees and customers that your business is going beyond the minimum requirements that are applicable to all businesses.  

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