Create a healthier environment for employees and patrons.

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to take steps that help reduce the risk of infectious diseases. HealthyVerify is implementing strict procedures and employee training to award businesses our gold-standard certification in disease reduction.

Our procedures are developed specifically for each business with direction from Barrow Neurological Institute’s infectious disease team.  Barrow Neurological Institute is one of the premier medical destinations in the world and is recognized as a Best Hospital by U.S. News and World Report in its 2019-2020 rankings. HealthyVerify is also developing employee training for businesses in collaboration with the most innovative university in the country, Arizona State University.  A HealthyVerify Certification tells customers your business takes the health of its customers and employees seriously by implementing the latest safety techniques.

HealthyVerify has partnered with Arizona State University to reduce the workplace risk of spreading infectious diseases. Tools include the implementation of procedures and protocols and providing employees with health standards to establish and support continued monitoring. Protect your employees, operations and customers and become certified.

If you are interested in becoming a HealthyVerify certified business, call us now for a consultation.

ASU Involvement Discussed by ASU

Establishments with a HealthyVerify Certification are laser focused on reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission. Your employees and customers can trust that you have implemented some of the world’s most thoughtful procedures aimed at providing a healthier environment and reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Custom standards for your business type.

Whether you’re a restaurant, retail store, office, movie theater, event venue or any other business , it’s important for your employees and customers to feel safe entering your space.

HealthyVerify will work with your particular operation to develop specific procedures for you and your employees to follow to receive and maintain certification.