Because you’re not a doctor…

You didn’t get into business to decode CDC health guidelines. You’re not a doctor. 

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted just how critical mitigating the spread of infectious diseases is to our businesses. After all, if you can’t keep your staff and guests healthy, then government lockdowns are just the beginning of your troubles. 

HealthyVerify can help. Our virus mitigation protocols and certification program show your staff and guests that their health and safety is your priority – during this pandemic and beyond.

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Designed with Dr. Ana Moran of Barrow Neurological Institute. Meet Dr. Moran.

Adopted by stadiums, gyms, schools, and more nationwide. View certified entities.

Establishments with a HealthyVerify Certification are laser focused on reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission. Your employees and customers can trust that you have implemented some of the world’s most thoughtful procedures aimed at providing a healthier environment and reducing the risk of disease transmission.

Custom procedures for your business 

Whether you’re a restaurant, school/school district, retail store, office, movie theater, event venue or any other business , it’s important for your employees and customers to feel safe entering your space.

HealthyVerify will work with your particular operation to develop specific procedures for you and your employees to follow and for you to receive and maintain certification.

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