You have high standards for your business. We do, too.

HealthyVerify Certification procedures are carefully crafted for each business with unique criteria based on recommendations from health leaders around the world, and the latest scientific research. If you wish to become certified, our expert team will work with you to develop specific procedures for you and your employees to implement. You will then be subject to periodic monitoring to verify ongoing compliance and maintain your certification.

Procedures vary based on business type, location, size, environment, number of employees and other factors. HealthyVerify procedures include recommendations that help businesses answer the following questions:

  • How to screen employees for health
  • What chemicals to use when cleaning high touch surfaces
  • How often to clean different surfaces at your business
  • How employees should interact and space themselves from others
  • How to reduce touch-points
  • How air flow can help reduce infection risks
  • What should proper signage and warnings say
  • What your employees should wear
  • And much more...